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Rochester MA

Rochester, Massachusetts is a rare landlocked community in Plymouth County with a population of just over 5,200. The town is bordered by Acushnet to the west, Wareham to the east, and Mattapoisett and Marion to the south and has an area is 36.6 square miles, 33.9 square miles of which is land. As a result, there is a population density of 154.3 people per square mile, so there’s plenty of space for large lots when buying real estate in Rochester, MA. 

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Rochester Neighborhoods

There are four neighborhoods in Rochester: North Rochester, East Rochester, Bisbee Corner, and Varella Corner. North Rochester is the town’s northwest neighborhood, which features Snipatuit Pond and Great Quittacas Pond. The area is mostly rural with some farms and forests, although there are some residential streets, as well.

East Rochester is sparsely populated, as it is made up of farms and has numerous kettle ponds. It borders both Marion and West Wareham. Bisbee Corner is in the northeast and is also full of farms, while Varella Corner is home to the town’s highway’s department. The town’s center is where Marion Road and New Bedford Road meet. This area has Rochester Town Hall, the Joseph H Plumb Memorial Library, and the town’s police station. There is also a baseball diamond there and a golf course a short drive away. Because there isn’t much in the way of industry in Rochester, many residents choose to commute to New Bedford, which is 11 miles from the town’s center, or Providence, RI, which is 42 miles away. In addition, Boston is only 56 miles from Rochester, so it’s certainly possible to make the trek daily.

History of Rochester

The town that is now Rochester was originally called Sippican and was quite large, as it included the lands that are now Marion, Mattapoisett, and Wareham. It was first settled in 1679 and later incorporated in 1686 and called Rochester, since many of its settlers came from Rochester, England. Rochester was a thriving town in its early days and a dominant player in the shipbuilding industry, due to it having direct access to Mattapoisett Harbor. When Marion split from Rochester in 1852 and Mattapoisett did the same in 1857, the town was suddenly landlocked and unable to participate in the same industries as before.

This change in the town’s direction led to Rochester becoming a farming community, which it remains to this day. In fact, the town is a Right to Farm community, which protects farmers against nuisance lawsuits emanating from their use of farmland.

While Rochester might not be the flashiest location in southern Massachusetts, there is a lot of land here because of the town’s farming background. As a result, you can find large lots and won’t have to pay for beachfront property like in neighboring communities.

Things To Do in Rochester

Rochester, Massachusetts offers a variety of activities and attractions for all ages. Here are some of the top things to do in Rochester:

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