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Why It's Great For You That Our Office Is Located Inside The Town Wharf General Store

Our office is located inside the Town Wharf General Store at Mattapoisett's town wharf. There's an outside entrance on the east side of the building just for Demakis Family Real Estate, but you can also access the office through a door at the back of the general store. And when you're inside the store, we think you'll love what you see.

The Town Wharf General Store and Demakis Family Real Estate.


Today you'll find a mix of specialty groceries, housewares, kids candy counter, local clothing merchandise, kitchen wares, fine cheeses, fresh eggs and butter, cold drinks, local New England made goods and gifts, organic coffee and tea served at our coffee bar, amazing donuts served on the weekends and special days, delicious chocolates and caramels, bath & body products, everything you could need to put on a great cocktail party, and now even beer and wine, housed in our building's new addition.

The Town Wharf General Store - Mattapoisett MA

Synergies Between the Town Wharf General Store and Demakis Family Real Estate

Having the Demakis Family Real Estate business associated with a retail business like the general store is a huge differentiator for anyone looking to sell or buy property. Here's why:

We're a destination

We have people who drive hours just to visit. And the general store has become a stop-off for anyone visiting Mattapoisett and the South Coast, especially when people from out of town are driving around looking at real estate. This is how we conceived the idea to open the real estate business. When the weather is nice, every day we have people visiting the store who are out looking at property. This is especially great exposure for your home that you're looking to sell.

We're marketing and sales leaders

Chris Demakis owns the Demakis Family Real Estate brokerage, and his mother, Jocelyn Demakis-Daluz, one of the South Coast's better known real estate agent/broker, is the office's head Broker. In particular, Chris has spent the last 25 years working in the advertising and marketing industry heading up sales and marketing for one of New England's largest independent agencies. He has managed sales teams and driven the business development strategy for sales and marketing organizations for almost three decades. This kind of discipline will be put to use on behalf of our own business, and most importantly, in our different approach to working hard on behalf of Demakis Family Real Estate customers. We will think differently when it comes to selling your property, or helping you find a new property.

Our reach

The Town Wharf General Store has built a robust social media following over the last 10+ years across platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We have nearly 10,000 engaged followers, in addition to a separate general store customer database with several thousand actual customers who shop with us regularly and who love the South Coast. In the busier months, we have several hundred people who come in to the general store every day. And on the really busy days like Harbor Days, store visitors can exceed a thousand people a day. We also plan to market properties as another product of the Town Wharf General Store. For certain properties, we will include house listing tip-in sheets that will be added to our retail bags when a customer checks out. And have a property listing board outside and inside the general store where people can see listings. All of this combined is a huge benefit for a home seller and buyer, and we know of no other real estate agency in this region that has that kind of retail and social reach.

The Demakis brand and use of technology

We have quickly become one of the top, or depending on the month…THE TOP…real estate brokerage on the South Coast. Much of this is due to the confidence the public has in our brand. In addition, while online services like MLS, Zillow,, and so many others have leveled the playing field and made selling and buying real estate fairly commoditized, our own website at stands out from the crowd. We're constantly evolving our site and while we understand the primary use case for our own website is for sellers and buyers to have an easy and efficient experience, we will make sure our site stays out in front of the competition.

If you're still wondering if the Demakis Family Real Estate business is right for you — whether you're selling or buying — it can't hurt to start a conversation so we can learn more about your specific needs. Don't hesitate to ask us some tough questions. Because we'd love to earn the opportunity to work with you. Please give Chris Demakis a call at Call 508.287.2695, or you can also get in touch

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