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We Focus On The Details —

This is the Demakis Difference

Let's face it there are many, many, real estate brokerages and agents out there. Some are big national firms, others are local. And technology has made the act of buying and selling a home a fairly commoditized experience. We understand this is one of the more important decisions you'll make in your lifetime and the secret to a successful partnership and transaction lies in the details. So why us? What's different about Demakis Family Real Estate, what kind of details do we focus on, and how will it benefit you during this important transaction?

We Go Above And Beyond

With the growth of low-ball commissions schemes, For Sale by Owner (FSBO) websites, and other real estate new business models — when it comes to selling or buying a house, nothing can replace the human, high touch, white glove consultative relationship like the one that all Demakis Family Real Estate agents provide. Whether it's working with a Seller and spending the requisite time to prepare a property for sale and project managing builder, painter, cleaner, landscaper, and photographer in anticipation of optimally positioning a property. Or counseling a Buyer on the marketplace and the intricacies of one community over another and the endless days of seeking just the right property to match a specific Buyer's needs. The Demakis Family Real Estate team is here to provide you with a highly-successful selling and buying experience. Our approach is very personalized and unlike that of any other real estate brokerage in this marketplace that we know of.

We Spend More Time Listening...Than Talking

We'll want to know what's driving your decision to buy or sell. What are your family's needs? What's unique about your property? Who do you think your property will appeal to? What's your timeframe like? What kind of value do you hope to experience in the transaction? No detail will be too small. We'll take this input and develop our own internal brief that goes beyond your classic listing description.

Nothing is More Important Than Trust

We put significant value in personal relationships and repeat business — and personal referrals are the lifeblood of our business. It's how in the first year of being in business (c. 2018-2019) we became the #1 real estate brokerage on the South Coast. Our central business tenet is making decisions that build trust. If something could potentially wear away at our trusting relationship, we'll always err on the side of caution.

We Believe in Collaboration

When you hire Demakis Family Real Estate to represent you in the home buying or selling process, we'll take the lead, but understand how critical it is to keep you well-informed every step of the way. This experience is one that also involves many moving parts and participation from several other parties and our collaborative ethos extends to all parties involved whether that's other agents, lenders, attorneys, town officials, engineers, architects and builders.

We'll Treat You Like Family

It sounds corny, but the people who've worked with members of the Demakis team in the past go on to become close friends. We're a close-knit bunch back at the Demakis office and you'll find it a warm and pleasant experience working with members of our team on a daily basis. Plus, we like to have fun.

Better Sales and Marketing Strategies

We're always looking for ways to innovate on the sales and marketing front. As we said earlier, technology has become a commoditizer in our business, but where you go from working with a good agent to a great agent is a firm that is not applying a cookie cutter approach to every transaction and one that looks for a custom sales and marketing approach. We bring a unique skillset to the agency representation relationship with the in-depth sales and marketing background of our team. We've described some of the many things we do to help our clients gain an upper hand in the Our Marketing Approach section of this site.

This is our difference. We hope to have the opportunity to prove it to you.

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