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Over Thirty Years of Marketing Excellence —

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Strategic Planning


The way you market your home should have a wow factor. Our founder Chris Demakis is a 25-year veteran of the branding and marketing agency business. Chris and his marketing team collaborate to understand the unique selling points of your property and then get to work crafting a story and marketing approach that will have broad appeal. We spend the time upfront to consider both who likely buyers of the property will be as well as key influencers, such as other Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Accountants, Bankers, business leaders, business organizations, property neighbors, etc. Depending on the property, a targeted marketing plan will include a multi-faceted approach that will enhance both local and national exposure.

Photography & Video


Not all Photographers and their equipment are created equal. We take extra-ordinary care as to how we represent your property visually. Our in-house Photographer is an architectural Photographer who has worked for some of the finest Architects and Interior Design Firms in New England. For waterfront and other properties where aerial shots are critical, we use our fleet of drone cameras to capture the magic of a location. The same goes when we’re using video and virtual tours to market your property. A Demakis property photo shoot experience is one where as much time is spent on lighting, composition and post-production as it is on the photo shoot itself.

Photography & Video
Email Marketing

Email Marketing


We offer the tools for Agents to stay in touch with clients past, present, and future with email marketing. Through custom campaigns, Agents can promote featured listings, open houses, new-to-market properties, and relevant news and events to an audience of local brokers, clients, and prospects.

Brochures, Direct Mail & Other Media


Demakis Family Real Estate offers a variety of print opportunities to showcase your home including custom property flyers for open houses, multi-page brochures, direct mail postcards that highlight key details of your home with beautiful photography, traditional print advertising, and custom “sponsored-content” advertising campaigns with special media partners (like this example focused on promoting the South Coast region that we created in partnership with Boston Magazine).

Brochures, Direct Mail & Other Media
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Our digital marketing team works closely with our Agents to develop impactful client listing campaigns with the goal of broad exposure and attracting the most ideal buyers. These efforts include a variety of tactics, including:

  • Listing focused advertising campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook & Instagram
  • HTML5, dynamic remarketing, and listing carousel ad formats
  • Featured listings landing page creation and optimization
  • Regular social media posts on our diverse social platforms promoting listings to our followers

Press Coverage


When a house is press-worthy, we go to work leveraging our editorial relationships with Real Estate and Lifestyle Reporters, Bloggers, and other Online Influencers in an attempt to get their coverage to help broaden our marketing efforts. We’re always building relationships with local and national media outlets to generate exposure for our listings. We know of no other local Brokerage competitor that is rounding out their client marketing efforts in this way. This kind of exposure and reach sets us apart.

Press Coverage
Retail Exposure at the Town Wharf General Store

Retail Exposure at the
Town Wharf General Store


Our main office is located inside our other business, the Town Wharf General Store, located on Mattapoisett's waterfront. There is no other real estate agency in this region that we can think of that has the kind of foot traffic and attracts as many eyeballs as ours does because of the retail nature of the general store. There is a real estate listing board outside and inside the general store and the store serves as the unofficial welcome center for Mattapoisett. Whether it's a neighbor who comes in every day, or when people are passing through town for a drive, or out looking at real estate, they undoubtedly stop at the Town Wharf General Store for a cup of coffee, some shopping, and to talk about the town and South Coast region. On some of the busiest days of the year, we can have several hundred people in one day visit the store. The general store represents a unique opportunity for consumers to be exposed to new real estate listing opportunities.

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