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360 Marketing Approach

Get To Know Our 360 Approach

We think outside the box when building a sales and marketing plan to sell your home

Plan Development

Customized marketing plans are developed for home sellers by Chris Demakis, a 27-year veteran of the branding and marketing agency business. Chris collaborates with each agent in the office to understand the unique selling points of your property, and crafts a story and a marketing strategy that will have broader appeal than your traditional agency approach. This is presented in collaboration with each home seller so that the seller has buy-in to the approach being taken by our office.

Upfront we spend the time to consider both (a) who likely buyers of your property will be as well as (b) key influencers, such as other real estate agents, attorneys, accountants, bankers, business leaders, business organizations, property neighbors, etc. Depending on your property, a targeted marketing plan will include a multi-faceted approach that will enhance both local and national exposure.

Some of the tactics we employ for home sellers include the following.


Real Estate Online Network: When you list your home with Demakis Family Real Estate, in addition to being featured prominently on our own SEO-enabled website at and entered in to the MLS Property Information Network, your home’s listing will automatically be syndicated across several other real estate websites including:

Facebook & Instagram: We’re building a robust Facebook and Instagram social community and in partnership with our sister company, The Town Wharf General Store, we have a community in excess of 10,000 local South Coast social users. Often times we will use paid boosted/sponsored posts with the ability to fine tune targeting, reaching audiences we’ve decided are critical prospects for a property.

Direct Mail: Depending on a property, we often use targeted direct mail to let potential buyers and nearby property owners know about your property for sale.

Innovative Onsite Events: Hosting an event at your property is not for every home seller. However, in addition to the classic “agent open house” and “buyer open house” we work harder to create excitement and buzzworthy interest around your property. This might include invitation-only events with both referral influencers and prospective buyers.

Press: Depending on the newsworthiness of a property, we will pitch stories to feature writers and others who cover the real estate beat. We maintain a database of real estate writers. Have a look in our Press section to see some of the past successes pitching real estate reporters on behalf of other properties.

Retail Exposure at the Town Wharf General Store: Our main office is located inside the Town Wharf General Store on Mattapoisett’s waterfront. There is no other real estate agency in this region that we can think of that has the kind of foot traffic and eyeballs ours does because of the retail nature of the general store. There is a real estate listing board outside and inside the general store and the store serves as the unofficial welcome center for Mattapoisett. Whether it’s a neighbor who comes in every day, or when people are passing through town for a drive, or out looking at real estate, they undoubtedly stop at the Town Wharf General Store for a cup of coffee, some shopping, and to talk about the town and South Coast region. On some of the busiest days of the year, we can have several hundred people in one day visit the store. In short, the general store represents a unique opportunity for people to be exposed to real estate opportunities. In the Summer of 2018, we’ll also be instituting “listing stuffers” inside general store shopping bags. Read more here about how we can put the retail power of the Town Wharf General Store to work on your behalf.

The power of great photography and video. Not all photographers and their equipment are created equal. We take extra care as to how we represent your property visually. Our in-house photographer is an architectural photographer who works for some of the finest architectural and interior design firms in New England. For waterfront and other properties where aerial shots are critical, we use our fleet of drone cameras to capture the magic of your location. The same goes when we’re using video and virtual tours to market your property.

Fee-for-Service: Breakthrough Workshop

Sometimes a home can stay on the market for a period of time that becomes a cause for concern. Despite everyone’s best efforts, there hasn’t been enough agent or buyer interest, never mind offers. For sellers looking to analyze this in an in-depth way, we offer what we call a Breakthrough Workshop where we assemble a small team of creative and analytical thinkers — Realtor, copywriter, art director, market researcher, architectural draftsperson, builder, stager, etc. — and in partnership with the Demakis team, we run a whiteboard session where we analyze the situation from many different viewpoints, with the Demakis team following up with concrete recommendations fueled by fresh ideas. This is a fee-for-service solution that accounts for the time of other professionals who can assist our efforts. Please email Chris Demakis for more information.